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Next Generation Financial Analysis Tool

You can enjoy buying and selling without needing anyone with Finderex, and access everything you need for investment in the most economical way from a single source.

Invest based on data

Finderex is a comprehensive trading platform that brings together essential tools to support investors in developing a long-term investment experience in financial markets. By providing investors with the latest data, analyses, and customized recommendations, it helps them create sustainable investment strategies.

Get rid of the hassle of buying and selling

Finderex enables traders, both experienced and inexperienced investors, to create different strategies using shared and high-performance technical indicators. Investors can dynamically track strategies in real-time for all trading pairs and time frames in their watchlists.

Capture all opportunities from a single screen.

Investors can easily track their created strategies on their desired currency pairs and time frames. They can view multiple variable data from a single screen. By observing the real-time buy-sell status of their created strategies, technical indicators, candle formations, Fibonacci support/resistance levels, and important range levels on a single screen, they can quickly seize opportunities.

Why Finderex?

Trading on Finderex
is as easy as stop, wait, go at traffic lights.
Multi-tracking and Single Screen Solution
Create customized watchlists for various currency pairs to track your strategies and enhance your ability to make quick decisions in complex financial markets.
Diverse Markets and Data Variety
Access different market data easily and support your investment decisions by accessing unique data related to cryptocurrencies, exchanges, commodities, and foreign exchange markets from a single platform.
Time Advantage and Cost-Effective Solution
Quickly seize opportunities in the market and use your time more efficiently by saving on subscription costs to different platforms.
Fast Notifications
Gain an advantage by reacting quickly in volatile financial environments, closely monitor market movements with real-time information, and promptly respond to formations and trend changes.
Automatic Formation Tracking
Gain an advantage by automatically recognizing potential formations, monitor Price Action patterns, and accelerate your analysis process to make more informed decisions.
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