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Direct Your Investments

Steer your investments by monitoring important data and index developments.

Index Forecasts

Empower your trading with real-time data. Strengthen your investment decisions with the fundamental metrics we provide, from dominance charts to Crypto Trends. Explore market sentiments, capture trends, and make data-driven decisions.

What do the indices
offer you?

Important Data and Indices
The Financial World at Your Fingertips! This section allows you to add customizable cards for the data and indices that matter most to you. It provides quick and easy access to leading indices like Dow Jones, as well as more.
Dominance Data
The dominance chart displays the influence of major players like Bitcoin on other assets. This chart helps you better understand market movements and strengthen your portfolio strategies.
Bitcoin Altcoin Season Index
Track Bitcoin's performance against altcoins with monthly, seasonal, and annual indices. Profit without missing periods when Bitcoin outperforms altcoins!
Fear and Greed Index
Fear or Greed? Measure your market sentiments with the Fear and Greed Index and stay ahead of the competition.
Long Short Ratios
Empower your investment decisions on different exchanges with Long Short Ratios. Know when to take long or short positions on the most important cryptos on many leading exchanges.
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